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A Course In 
Normal Eating

Are you disconnected from your intuitive eating signals and don’t actually know what, when, or how much to eat? If you answered yes, then you're in the right place.

This is an online course designed to help you finally let go of diets and a diet mentally without the fear of weight gain. You will learn the concept of intuitive eating and being attuned to your body. 

This course is for you if:

  • you constantly diet
  • you emotionally eat or binge eat and it has become an automatic behaviour
  • you think about food all the time
  • food interferes with your social life and day to day activities
  • you wake up feeling anxious about food and that you may lose control
  • you weigh yourself constantly
  • your food and body anxiety makes you feel sad
  • you exercise when you don't want too to get a better body or work off what you ate.

Panicking, stressing and getting anxious around food is exhausting. Do you want to stop devoting all your time to food, calories and your weight?

Imagine what that would feel like....No more guilt, no more disgust, no more telling yourself that will be the last time you eat the whole packet of biscuits. 

Join the program and discover a new way to live. 

A Course In 

Normal Eating

Normal eating is like a breath of fresh air after years of food and body weight fixation. 

It isn't a short term diet, you'll never fall off the band wagon,

you cannot fail, it is a lifestyle change.

What Is The Course?

An online course designed by a nutritionist using science and practical knowledge giving you the EDUCATION and SUPPORT towards a normal way of eating. 

The course is 6 LESSONS and is SELF PACED. You can start at anytime.

The course contains the theory in simple to understand terminology teaching you the THEORY and how to APPLY the knowledge.

The course is delivered with an ONLINE PLATFORM which contains lots of information for you to access at any time. There are downloadable handouts for quick reference and loads of recipes. Video content is also provided to sure you how easy cooking can be.

You'll be SUPPORTED along the way and you are welcome to contact Elizabeth whilst going through the lessons.

A LIFESTYLE CHANGE. You cannot fail. You will learn a way of life for a sustainable approach to good health.

Lesson 1: 

  • The brain and why you binge eat. 
  • What to do when a binge eating urge comes.
  • Why dieting doesn't work.
  • Retrain your brain.

Lesson 2:

  • Healthy eating uncomplicated.
  • Easy guide on how to put together a meal.
  • Loads of recipes, 67 in total!
  • Recipe video demonstrations.

Lesson 3:

  • What is intuitive eating and how to tap into it.
  • Recognise hunger signals.

Lesson 4:

  • Understanding supplements to improve your health.
  • Find a way to exercise in a way you'll maintain.

Lesson 5:

  • Genetics and emotional health.
  • Understanding brain neurotransmitters and how to balance them.

Lesson 6:

  • Letting go of body image concerns.
  • Practicing self compassion and self healing.

To wake up everyday and know you can eat whatever you want without putting on weight is priceless”

Nourish Bowl


  • Wishy washy content that really does not help when you want to binge eat. None of this 'just go for a walk'. If you binge eat you know this does not work!!!
  • Hours of work on talking through your emotions because that is meant to be the only trigger to food and weight troubles.
  • Another diet. There is no meal plan. There is no deprivation.
  • A miracle solution to all your problems. Change requires effort and being uncomfortable at times.
Elizabeth Pattalis Nutritionist Sydney


Elizabeth Pattalis is a registered nutritionist and knows first hand what it is like to have food on your mind 24/7. Pre nutritionist days she was on and off diets and at the gym every day. Fast forward to now and she practices eating intuitive every day. Does she worry she will binge eat? No. 

As a nutritionist and previous emotionally eater (eating on autopilot until feeling ill), she reads other blogs and course information with scepticism. For for herself, the suggested strategies were no help. She is a big believer in addressing emotional eating, body issue issues and any addiction type behaviour sooner rather than later. Whilst psychology is a great tool and she very much recommends, it often can be frustrating in terms of food anxiety and binge eating. Who wants to talk about the emotional void in their life when the problem at hand is that you can't stop eating? You want to know how to stop being controlled by food now, right?

In addition to this, Elizabeth has been frustrated by the suggested meals and diet plans she has seen being advertised. Images of plates with too much food or not enough nutrition for the sake of being 'instaworthy' are damaging and she wants people to see through it all. Elizabeth wanted to create an online program based on wha she knows worked for herself and for her face to face clientelle. She will show you you don't need a diet to be healthy and it can be achievable without feeling miserable in the process. 

What Others Say


If you are looking to change your life and you are sick of Yo-Yo dieting, struggle with exercise and you are not losing weight then give Elizabeth a call, I promise she will change your life. You are never too old!




I was desperate for a change feeling lethargic, sore and about 10 kilos heavier. I gave Liz the challenge of helping me lose weight fast and (in retrospect) unhealthily. Fortunately for me, because of her 360-degree approach to health, she discouraged me from going on a crash diet and explained healthy and sustainable weight loss to me. It was the best possible advice. With Liz, I have not dieted. As at today, I have lost (and maintained) a 10 kilo weight loss. More importantly, I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been



I have found Elizabeth’s advice and diagnostics to be outstanding. Her practice and no nonsense approach is what will give you long lasting sustainable change.


Very Important Disclaimer

This course is not appropriate for people with active eating disorders; if you are suffering from an eating disorder, or have suffered from one in the past. You must have express permission from your GP or care provider to embark on this course. This program can be a good compliment to psychotherapy and more traditional treatment however GP permission is a must. If at any point you are triggered for an underlying disorder eating you must seek appropriate care by your GP. This course is intended to help heal relationships with food and eating, but is not treatment for eating disorders.

By registering for this course you are agreeing to the above.

Elizabeth Pattalis Nutritionist Sydney


Elizabeth Pattalis

Elizabeth is a Sydney based clinical nutritionist and accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Elizabeth has special interest in weight management, mental health and body image concerns. She also holds qualifications in personal training, pilates, and kinesiology. Her approach is based on scientific nutritional medicine with a focus on keeping it simple for and realistic for her patients.

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