The Science on Sugar Cravings and How to Beat Them.

Join Clinical Nutritionist in this FREE masterclass as she shares her expertise on reducing sugar cravings, why you even have cravings, how much sugar is too much and much more!

If you're an emotional eater, binge eater or just someone who knows they need to cut back on the sugar - this masterclass is for you. Permanently erase unhealthy food habits and learn the why behind your urges and the tools to regain your wellness and vitality.

Elizabeth Pattalis Nutritionist Sydney

Do you feel like you eat too much sugar? Do you get frequent headaches, feel lethargic or tired, have cravings, nausea, bloating or wake in the middle of the night?

In this masterclass, Elizabeth Pattalis discusses how sugar addiction is affecting your body and life. 

No one is telling you to give up sweet foods for good, but let's strive to make better choices for a longer and better life. The ultimate goal is food freedom whereby food no longer controls you and you can make the best choices based on the given moment. 


What you'll learn:

  • What’s so BAD about Sugar, anyway?
  • How to read food labels and identity hidden sugar.
  • What happens to your BODY and BRAIN when you feed it too much sugar.
  • The low down on artificial sweeteners
  • Are healthy sugars like agave good substitutes?
  • Underlying drivers of sugar cravings and addictions.
  • What is a balanced plate and how to avoid post meal energy crashes.
  • Practical strategies to reduce sugar cravings so you can naturally lose weight and feel better! 
Sydney Nutritionist

About Elizabeth Pattalis

Elizabeth is a registered clinical nutritionist (ATMS) with over a decade of experience working in the weight loss industry.

She has extensive experience helping women heal their relationship with food. Weight loss and overeating is more than willpower. Understanding the root causes and rewiring the brain are key to ending the diet/overeating cycle for good. Elizabeth's focus is on real health for sustainable results. 

Her signature program A COURSE IN NORMAL EATING contains the strategies and resources to break free from emotional or binge eating. Years of research and working with clients struggling with their eating habits has helped shape the program into a success. 


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